Best roadway travel in Nepal

Do you know what the best part of travel is? That is going with family or friends n roadway travel. Driving to new places on the highway and seeing stunning views of nature is another achievement of life. Roadway travel is all about experiencing the scenic beauty of hills, mountains, valleys, villages, and cultures. It becomes more memorable while you travel within different geography with natural diversity.

Nepal is a small country with beautiful geography as well as natural beauty. Most of the roads of Nepal are quite difficult in the hilly Himalayas area. Taking roadway travel in such different and difficult areas is really breathtaking moment of life.

You might be unaware of roadway travel in Nepal and might miss such an amazing adventure of life. So we have picked the best roadway travel in Nepal to make your journey unforgettable.

Roadway travel in Nepal

Kathmandu to Bandipur to Pokhara roadway travel

Bandipur is a small town about 140 km away from Kathmandu. It is one of the best roadway travel destinations in Nepal. Traveling to Bandipur is possible by both motorcycles as well as by private car, or jeep. It takes about 5-6 hours if we head straight to Bandipur. But it will be worthless if we miss landscape views of hills, waterfalls, mountains, and villages on the banks of rivers. Bandipur tour can be a complete tour package for those who want to spend their short vacation by enjoying nature. Road to Bandipur might not be so good due to hill hills area and during monsoon.

Starting from Kathmandu, we can observe beautiful views of natures while driving to Bandipur. In between Kathmandu to Bandipur trip, we must not forget to visit small villages and take rafting on the Trishuli River. Small cities like Malekhu, and Mugling can be the best places to take some rest and have the unique taste of food.

Bandipur is rich in Newari culture, traditions, customs, and wooden architecture. It is better to go sightseeing in beautiful hills, forests, and mountains and look over the silk warm factory, and hike to Guruche. From the top of Gurunch, we can have 360 views of himalays; sunrise, and sunset as well as can visit the largest cave in Nepal Siddha Guffa.

After visiting Bandipur, we can move our trip to beautiful city Pokhara. It is short distance travel which almost takes 2 hrs by tourist bus. A visit to Pokhara is quite important for tourists to observe the real beauty of nature from where we can see stunning views of mountains as well as high hills. Pokhara is a key place to go for the Annapurna Base Camp trek and upper mustang trek. Many tourists love to visit Phewa Lake, Rupa lake Davis Falls, Mahindra cave, Museum, Sarangkot, and so on. It will take almost a week if you take Kathmandu-Bandipur-Pokhara and enjoy your roadway travel.

Upper mustang Roadways travel

The journey starts from Pokhara with scenic views of high mountains and hills.Taking upper mustang roadway travel is one of the best spectacular moments to enjoy the adventure of life. It is quite long travel which almost takes 10 days to take the complete tour to the upper mustang and visit beautiful places. It is quite a popular roadway for travel on 4 WD jeeps and allows you to experience the outstanding views of the Mountain range. Hiking, village tour, archeological sites, and monasteries are quite awesome to visit.

During this travel, we can experience the lifestyle and cultures of high altitude living peoples and the flora and fauna found. Tiji festival is one of the most popular festivals among people living in this region starting from May 24. While traveling from Pokhara, we can observe beautiful views of mountains as well as lakes of Pokhara. Besides this, we can explore Tsarang, and visit Tukuche, Marpha village, and kagbeni with ancient monasteries, stupas as well as gorges. We can enjoy Ghar ghampa hiking as well as explore the higher reaches of Lo Manthang. During this trip snow peaks, views of beautiful mountains, and villages at high altitudes are worth for visiting.

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Pokhara- Tansen- Lumbini roadways travel

Driving from Pokhara to Tansen is almost 124 km through a sneaky road on high hills. It will take almost 5 hours to reach Tansen if we head straight on Siddhartha highway. But we will miss visiting beautiful places, villages, and gorges on such a trip. So it will be better to spend some more time during this amazing travel.

After visiting Pokhara we can take a ride to Tansen. During this roadway travel, we can find small beautiful towns and villages as well as the high hills of Syanga district along with the scenic beauty of high hills and waterfalls.

Tansen is a beautiful small city on a high hill with an awesome landscape view and a good climate. It is famous for Karuwa and Dhaka cloth. The beautiful view of Madan Pokhara in the southern part is really attractive and eye catching views of hills in the northern part. Tundhikhel, Palpa durbar, Bhairavsthan temple Srinagar hills, Batase hills, and Ranimahal are places where we can visit and enjoy our travel. We also can vist satyawati lake, Siddhababa temple, and breathtaking high hills on the bank of Tinahu khola during this travel.

After visiting Tansen, we move to the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha Lumbini which is famous all over the world passing through sneaky and dangerous roads. In between, we can visit the beautiful city of Nepal Butwal which is rich in culture, natural diversity as well as tradition. After reaching Lumbini, we can Visit important places and different temples made in different structures. Ashok pillar is one the most important attraction point of Lumbini. Million Buddhist and tourists come to visit Lumbini throughout the world.

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