Earning money has always been the mattering subject and most interesting as well as one of the top tasks. With the rise in using the internet, a large number of people are searching best ways to earn money online and make online jobs as whole time as well as part time jobs.

We can find different platforms to earn money online and get paid for performing small tasks. Before involving in online money-earning platforms you must be careful as we can find numerous platforms that spread scams in name of online jobs. You must be sure that you will not be able to earn a large amount of money in a short period of time as well. So everyone working in the online sector must have the patience to earn money online. Some platforms to earn money online where you will be paid according to your work are:


Freelancing is an online money-earning platform where every person with a certain skill can get a job according to their skills and get paid. We can find several websites offering freelancing tasks with different skills and a different rate for payments. In this platform, every person joining a different website get different work according to their skills and for this purpose, you should create a free account and require to list out your skills, so clients can contact you and offer task. Some websites like Upwork, freelancer and are working platforms that offer online work and payment on completion of work. Some skills like web designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, data entry, and many other tasks get nice payment after completion of tasks from your clients.


Blogging is another platform to earn money online where you can convert your hobby and interest in writing into earnings. We can find a number of bloggers who have chosen blogging as a full-time career and earn a good income. You can start your hobby of blogging either through WordPress, Tumblr, and BlogSpot which require no investment or you can start by hosting a website with a small investment.

In the case of hosted websites, you will get opportunities of customizing your website and make it attractive as per your design but this is not available in the case of free blogging. When traffic on your blogs increases you can monetize with different ads providing platforms like AdSense, propeller ads, and many more. It is better to start blogging by way of hosting a website with a small investment.


If you are not comfortable with writing or you are not good at content writing then you can choose YouTube as earning money online. For this purpose, you need to create a free YouTube channel and you must be able to create good YouTube video content and publish it on your channel. After fulfilling certain criteria you will be eligible for google AdSense. As you start to upload video and your video gets popular the number of subscribers will grow and your earning potential will also increase.

Social media:

 The use of social media is increasing day by day to earn money online besides interacting with friends and strangers. Different companies and popular brands pay social media strategists for promoting their products on social media.

Affiliate marketing:

For this purpose, you are required to have your website where you can run a banner of affiliate products. You will get a good commission when the product is sold through your referral. Different companies like Amazon and Alibaba allow you to insert web links on your website. It is a good platform to earn money online if you have traffic and the target country is Europe or America.


If you are aware of an expert in some foreign language then it is a great opportunity for you to earn money online as well as you can earn by joining the job. Some websites offer you to translate documents into another language and it requires expert knowledge of foreign languages like Spanish, German, Arab, and French from English.

Online tutoring:

 If you are an expert in a particular subject then you can start online tuition and earn money online. Some websites like Vedantu, my private tutor allow you to conduct online classes by creating a profile.

Content writing:

writing content could be a great opportunity for you to earn money online. You can sell your content to different companies, and bloggers at a good price,s or you can start your blogging. You can earn a good income in a short time if you have the skill of creating good content.

Selling your product online:

Some websites like Amazon, and Flipkart allow you to sell your product through their website. Also, you can run an eCommerce business and start earning money online. If you have a good product you can sell them online and make money online.

Web designing:

Are you a web developer then you can easily earn money online as well as you can start a job to earn a good income. Design websites and sell to different companies or work as freelancers as well as you can maintain websites of different companies. You can earn money by debugging websites and creating beautiful designs for them.

PTC site:

Some of the sites offer you to make money by clicking on an advertisement that they are running. There are several sites that pay small amounts of money which pay for clicks but some of them might be scams. So you must be careful while performing tasks. Some sites like Neobux, and Picoworkers pay you for tasks.

Digital marketing:

It is one of the best and most emerging ideas for earning money online. If you are a digital marketing expert you can earn money by providing or selling marketing packages to different companies. All companies want to grow their business and for this purpose, they need high marketing through boasting business on social media and it will be a great opportunity to earn money.

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